Our extensive internal resources and experience, combined with the international expertise through our association with SNG Grant Thornton, enable us to provide stability, quality, and continuity to our clients.


Our STABILITY is evident by our record of 100% staff retention of actuaries and other senior staff members.


When it comes to being prepared to offer excellent service; we’ve covered all the bases. There is strength in numbers

and our 11 highly skilled actuaries have a combined 128 years of experience in the pension funds industry.


QUALITY is assured through a system of doing, checking, signing-off and peer review. Our accountability to the

Institute of Actuaries and the Actuarial Society of South Africa adds yet another layer to our quality assurance.


Clients can rest assured that multiple measures have been put in place to facilitate the CONTINUITY of our services.

One such measure is off-site data backup. The mitigation of the risk of service interruption due to a natural disaster is

omitted through our physical presence at three locations.


Continuity and a prompt response is ensured by a team being allocated to each project rather than one or two individuals.

We provide pure actuarial services and do not offer any investment, audit or administration services to clients. This ensures that there is no potential for conflict of interests to develop.