Our large, experienced, independent and BEE-enabled actuarial team is one of the best in the country. We provide specialist and high-level actuarial solutions in the following areas:

Retirement benefits
  • Pension fund valuations, benefit design and costing;
  • Individual member benefit calculations and projection of retirement benefits;
  • Calculating individual transfer values;
  • Advising on pension increase policy documents;
  • Mergers and acquisitions – implications and integration of long-term benefits;
  • Experience analysis;
  • Surplus apportionment advice and calculations;
  • Pension fund liquidations (four of our actuaries are approved pension fund liquidators);
  • Modelling of liabilities for investment strategy planning;
  • Independent advice on appointing service providers.
Road Accident Fund
  • Quantification of loss assessment;
  • Acting as expert witness;
  • Actuarial support and consultation services.
Outsourcing actuarial work

A wide range of potential actuarial support roles can be offered, from the placing of skilled actuarial staff for in-house support to a full actuarial function (consulting, valuations, etc.).

Actuarial valuation
  • Defined benefit retirement funds;
  • Defined contribution retirement funds;
  • Company accounting disclosures in respect of retirement funds;
  • Company accounting disclosures in respect of post-retirement benefits (medical aid, deferred compensations schemes, etc.).

The software we use includes SuperVal.

Asset liability modelling

We perform asset liability modelling exercises. These allow retirement funds to set investment strategies that are appropriate to their liabilities and to the level of risk that the fund is willing to take. We use the Maitland Stochastic Modelling suite of programmes for asset liability modelling.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our senior actuaries have many years of experience assisting clients with mergers, acquisitions and disposals, and their impact on the affected retirement funds.

Consulting advice

We have considerable experience in complex employee benefit changes. This includes Section 197 transfers, Section 14 transfers, post-retirement medical aid subsidy buyouts, pensioner outsourcings and conversions from defined benefit to defined contribution funds.

Independent peer-review

In light of our independent, high-calibre staff, we are often called upon by actuaries in other companies to peer-review their actuarial work or conduct independent actuarial work.

Benefit calculations

We assist clients with individual member benefit calculations, particularly where the calculations are complicated.