Enterprise risk solutions

We apply the latest enterprise risk management techniques and theory to assist our clients in managing their financial and

non-financial risks. To provide this service we firstly understand the unique risks that the client faces through intense research.


We then apply statistical techniques, including extreme event theory, to quantify the risks by modelling future scenarios.

Based on our findings, we further assist companies with the implementation of steps to mitigate undesirable risk and determine the level of economic capital that the client needs to hold.


Loss calculations (Road Accident Fund claims, estate claims, business losses, etc.)

  • Actuarial support and consultation services to legal professionals, companies and individuals.
  • Quantification of loss assessment.
  • Acting as expert witness.


Accounting disclosures

We perform valuations and provide actuarial support and consultation services to auditors and companies on prescribed

accounting disclosures of, amongst others, post-retirement medical aid and other subsidies (IAS19), share schemes (IFRS2), etc.


Employee benefits

We give support to employers in order to help them understand and manage the long-term impact of various benefit options

and to provide independent input, while fulfilling an oversight role. Examples of this include:

  • Independent advice and controls in respect of pension fund benefits.
  • Calculating and advising on long-term benefit costs such as long-term service awards, post-employment medical benefits, etc.
  • Provide advice on multi-national mergers and acquisitions.
  • Assisting in employer-wide reviews on the adequacy of employees’ retirement provision.