Accounting standard models

In collaboration with SNG Grant Thornton, we are applying our actuarial skill set to assist our clients to comply with the audit standards where actuarial services are required. This comprehensive service includes:

Financial services

  • Credit Risk Management (IFRS 9)
    • Wholesale and retail portfolios
    • ECL parameter estimation and model calculations
    • Conceptual methodology reviews
    • Fair value calculations and reviews
    • Back testing and validation
  • Financial Instrument Valuation (IFRS 13)
    • OTC options and derivatives
    • Fair value calculations of financial assets/liabilities
  • Insurance (IFRS 4, IFRS 17, SAM)
    • Long-term insurance (Life)
    • Short-term insurance (General)
  • Medical Schemes 
  • Employee Benefits (IAS 19, GRAP 25) 
  • Share scheme valuations (IFRS 2) 
  • Lease Valuations (IFRS 16, IAS 17)
    • Incremental borrowing rate calculations

Specialist services

  • IFRS 9 compliance reviews, model development / model validation / suite implementation
  • Initial implementation and impact assessment of new regulatory reporting requirements
  • Credit
  • Credit scorecard development and validation
  • SARB self-assessments and BA200 reporting
  • Review & calculation of employee share options & BEE schemes
  • Internal and external audit support and training

Independent peer-review

  • Given our independence and high-caliber staff, we can also perform peer-reviews of other companies’ actuarial work.