South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority and South African Revenue Service

Our company has a good relationship with senior staff of both the FSCA and SARS.

Actuaries in our company are members of the panel of approved actuaries established by the Registrar in terms of section 15K(2)(b) of the Pension Funds Act. We have been appointed by the FSB (now FSCA) to serve on more than a dozen of the Surplus Tribunals.

Actuarial Society

Our actuaries are involved in a number of activities of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA):

  • Arthur Els has served as a member of the Council of ASSA, and is a past chairman of the Retirement Matters Committee of the Society. He is currently a member of the Enterprise and Financial Risk Management Committee of ASSA.
  • Colin Hendriks is the chief examiner for ASSA’s pension examinations.
  • Tommie Doubell is the current chairman of the Retirement Matters Committee of ASSA. He is also a member of the Damages Committee of ASSA and of the Africa Committee, which looks into strengthening relationships with actuarial societies in other African countries.

EURACS (European Actuarial Consultancy Services)

SNG ARGEN is a member of EURACS, Europe’s oldest network of independent actuarial and pensions consultancy firms. We are the first firm accepted for membership from outside Europe. Through EURACS we have partner firms in most European countries as well as in Russia.

Strategic Actuarial Partners Namibia

SNG ARGEN is a 40% shareholder in Strategic Actuarial Partners Namibia, an actuarial firm that provides actuarial services to a large portion of the Namibian market. We provide actuarial and management support to Strategic Actuarial Partners Namibia.

Sub-Saharan Africa

We currently have co-operation agreements with people or firms in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.